Katniss Everdeen wedding dress

you can see how gorgeous katniss is on her wedding dress

Katniss Everdeen wedding dress
Katniss Everdeen wedding dress
Katniss Everdeen wedding dress
Katniss Everdeen wedding dress

who design it anyway? meet Tex Saverio (born in Jakarta, August 24, 1984, age 29 years). He is a fashion designer from Indonesia. He is known primarily as a fashion designer bride with style glamor and full of fantasy.

His name started sticking when in September 2005 he won the national award the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, so that he can compete at the regional level in the following year. When he displays collections for women and men. His success was achieved through the sacrifice of leaving school since grade 1 high school and chose to study fashion design at Bunka Fashion School, Jakarta, and internships in Phalie Studio.

Since then, the works of Rio, vocation, becoming known in international circles. Due to the encouragement of his friend, Rio introduced himself and his work to the agents of Lady Gaga. Received a positive response, not long after one of his works, La Glacon, worn Lady Gaga in one of the photos in Harper's Bazaar magazine in 2011 In addition to Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian is also known to wear his design. Photo marriage one of the characters in the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) also wore fashion design.

Since 2013, he entered the ready-made clothing market segment, which be on display at the Paris Fashion Week as the only Indonesian designer who can perform at the event, and also in the event of Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 held in October 2013 in Jakarta.

By the international media, he was called the "Alexander McQueen of Indonesia".

Nail Art Lovers

I created this blog post because I always end up browsing for hours before I do a new manicure, and I wanted the world's best nail art available in one place. Need some nail art inspiration, too? Get ready for some manicure magic as i bring you the hottest nail designs. If you love nailart, here you can get fabulous ideas for your manicure and pedicure. I thought I'd first share with you guys a simple nail art look, but no, this should be glamorous. I love to share lots of nail art pictures and nail art videos, here are few of them:
nail art

For you lovers of nail art , would have been familiar with the term manicure . Yes , manicure treatment is hygiene , health , and beauty for nails . By taking care of nails , in addition to beautify the area hands , as well as efforts to eradicate germs and unwanted bacteria .

If treatment manicure salons , there are some special tools and nail cosmetics are used , including the following .

- Nail clippers , used for cutting the nails as you wish.
- nail file , used to smooth the nail tip .
- Hand cream , used for moisture members on hand .
- Base coat or top coat , nails are used to protect the exterior .
- Nail polish , used to make nails look beautiful and attractive .

In addition to tools and cosmetics mentioned above , there are many more manicure equipment used , such as pencil nails , nail polish remover , nail buffers , and so on . One nail care techniques most notably is the French manicure . This treatment is more emphasis on the end result looks nails that look natural and fresh .
nail art nail art nail art nail art

emphasize your best features with face shape guide for glasses

If you're a glasses wearer, you know that the frames can completely enhance your face or conceal it.The right choice of frame can help balance your face shape and emphasize your best features. Choosing frames that are right for your face shape and hair color is important if you concern about your look which affects your daily work,knowing whether you're an apple or a pear, figuring out your face shape is the best way to get the right look. Picking out the ideal sunglasses for your face shape isn't as easy as you might think. there are such rules like Rounded frames don't look great on round face shapes, or An oval face, with its balanced forehead, cheekbones and jaw, can wear just about any shape, but softly angular shades are a sure thing, as well as other things those will help you decide which frame is best. You wouldn't wear shoes that don't fit your feet, and wearing glasses that don't fit your face can be just as uncomfortable. Whether your face is round, square, heart, oval or triangle, this face shape guide for glasses will give you great advices.